Matt Wuerker on the Ag Bill – Money Falls From the Sky

Matt Wuerker is the Editorial Cartoonist at Politico which means he has a front row seat on the politics of food. He provided the following background about the above cartoon which is featured on p. 6 of Eat Drink Vote.

"This cartoon resulted from the disparity between the perception of who is believed to receive ag subsidies versus who does. The family farmer is an archetype that is increasingly hard to find. These folks have been supplanted (a little ag wordplay!) by corporate 'farmers' who are more comfortable in limos than on plows."

He continues "The subsidy amounts are huge. I considered using a river to show the money flowing through the farmlands. Instead I opted for a crop duster because of their role not only in the hard work of agriculture but also in our romanticized view of agriculture - and, the deciding factor - they are fun to draw."

Vote with your time: You might want to see some of the groups working on agricultural policy.

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