Quoting from the Introduction to Eat Drink Vote "... A dab of tomato paste on pizza now counts as a vegetable in school lunches. Kids get fewer servings of real vegetables in those lunches. Food companies now know that Congress will take care of them if they don't like federal regulations. And the public now knows that no regulation - no matter how strongly recommended by nutrition and health experts and supported by research - is too small to be overturned by Congress to please corporate constituents."

This helps to introduce the key idea of Eat Drink Vote: "Because everyone eats, everyone has a vested interest - a stake - in how food is produced, sold, and consumed, and therefore, in how food issues are interpreted."

Individuals, nutrition and health experts, government agencies, the food industry - from production to consumption .... all have opinions about food and food politics. How the opinions are expressed, heard and acted upon determines what appears on your plate - and on your pizza.

You can't stop eating so here's to knowing a bit more about how the tomato sauce might get on your pizza and to having a bigger say in if it gets there at all.

Vote with your time: If this interest you, here is a group you may want to check-out.

And here is a list of other groups working on this issue and others.

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