Privacy Policy publishes Eat Drink Vote Blog as a resource for information about food, nutrition, global food supply and the politics surrounding these areas. Eat Drink Vote Blog values the privacy of visitors and users. Any of the following personal information that may be made available to the Eat Drink Vote Blog when you browse or navigate the site shall be kept confidential:
  • First and last name
  • Company, home, postal or other physical address
  • Other contact information, for example, telephone number, fax number, email address, and other similar information
  • Title or position in a company or an organization
  • Occupation
  • Industry
  • Personal interests
  • Any other information needed to provide a service you have requested
Examples of scenarios where our visitors may provide their personal information include, but are not limited, to:
  • Emailing, calling or communicating with the Eat Drink Vote Blog or its Editors.
  • Posting a question or comment through the Eat Drink Vote Blog.
  • Requesting literature.
  • Registering to attend a seminar or any event.
  • Participating in an online survey.
  • Requesting inclusion in an email or other mailing list.
  • Logging on to the Eat Drink Vote Blog, thus requiring a user name and/or a password.
  • Any other business-related reason. does not intend to transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent, except under the limited conditions described under the discussion entitled “Information Sharing and Disclosure” below. If you choose to provide us with your personal information, we may transfer that information within the or to a third party service provider as necessary.

Domain Information Collection may collect domain information to enable us to analyze how our visitors use this site. This data enables us to become more familiar with which people visit Eat Drink Vote Blog, how often they visit, and what parts of the site they visit most often. Eat Drink Vote will use this information to improve our Internet offerings. This information is collected automatically and requires no action on your part.

Use of Cookies and Tracking User Traffic Some pages on Eat Drink Vote Blog may use “cookies” – small files that the site places on your hard drive for identification purposes. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID to track the pages visited, but the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. These files are used for site registration and customization the next time you visit us.

Some parts of Eat Drink Vote Blog may also use cookies to track user traffic patterns. does this in order to determine the usefulness of Eat Drink Vote Blog’s information to our users and to see how effective our navigational structure is in helping users reach that information. Please note that cookies cannot read data off of your hard drive. Your Web browser may allow you to be notified when you are receiving a cookie, giving you the choice to accept it or not. If you prefer not to receive cookies while browsing Eat Drink Vote Blog, you can set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies and refuse the cookie when your browser alerts you to its presence. You can also refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser. By not accepting cookies, some pages may not fully function and you may not be able to access certain information on this site.

Information Sharing and Disclosure Your personal information is never shared outside without your permission, except under the conditions listed below:
  • Consenting to share your information with a third party service provider working on our behalf to serve you.
  • Requiring us to provide you with a product or service. will also disclose your personal information if we are required to do so by law, or in urgent circumstances, such as to protect personal safety, the public or our sites.

Internet Security strives to protect your personal information; however, we urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. You should, for example, change your passwords often, use a combination of letters and numbers, and take other reasonable precautions to make and keep your password private.

Links to Third Party Sites Eat Drink Vote Blog contains links to other sites. does not share your personal information with those Web sites, and we are not responsible for their privacy practices. We strongly encourage you to learn about the privacy policies of those companies and service providers yourself.

Changes to this Privacy Policy reserves the right to change, modify or update this policy at any time without notice. Any substantial changes in the way we use your personal information will be posted on this site.

If you have questions or concerns about Eat Drink Vote Blog’s Privacy Policy, please contact us by Email.
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