USA Today and San Francisco Chronicle Review Eat Drink Vote

Early reviews are coming in! Check out the review page to read what they say and to link to the full reviews. A couple of excerpts ...

From the San Francisco Chronicle: "Everyone eats, and politics affects what people eat. That's the overarching theme of what Nestle, an internationally recognized authority on food, nutrition and public policy, documents in her column and in her many award-winning books.

Now, with her new book, "Eat Drink Vote," Nestle takes a different approach to the subject, using editorial cartoons and other drawings to capture complex ideas in a nutshell."

From USA Today: A new book, "Eat, Drink, Vote," has more than 250 cartoons that take a humorous look at food topics.

Cartoons and comics can convey "complicated conceptual information at a glance, and if they are good, make it funny, pointed, sharp, ironic and sometimes even sarcastic," says Marion Nestle, a longtime nutrition professor at New York University and veteran consumer advocate. "In one drawing, cartoonists can convey not only what the idea is about, but what they think about it."

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