Jeff Danziger, Marion Nestle and Signe Wilkinson: One night only!

If you are in New York Wednesday October 23, we invite you to attend a discussion with Marion Nestle along with Jeff Danziger and Signe Wilkinson, two cartoonists who have cartoons in Eat Drink Vote. The discussion will address the broad issues of the food movement, the challenges of pairing text and cartoons plus the creative processes that underlie the individual efforts.

This promises to be a lively discussion. Marion Nestle was described by Michael Pollan in Forbes as the #2 most powerful foodie in America (after Michelle Obama) and she is the author of Eat Drink Vote as well as other books and diverse articles. Jeff Danziger is the rare American cartoonist whose cartoons are as well known outside of the US as they are inside of the US. He is the winner of several awards but his most valued may be that he was included on Bernard Goldberg's list of "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America." Signe Wilkinson is the Editorial Cartoonist at the Philadelphia Daily News and also has her share of awards - both dubious and prestigious. As for the dubious, Signe was named "the Pennsylvania state vegetable substitute" by the former speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. As for the prestigious, Signe was the first female (and so for only one of two) to win the Pultizer Prize for Editorial Cartoons.

The event is at the Society of Illustrators, 6:30 - 8PM and information is found here.

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