Marion Nestle recently moderated a food forum for candidates for mayor in New York City. She posted about it on her blog Food Politics. This was an exciting event not just because of what it meant to the voters of New York City but because of what it indicated about the food movement. As Nestle notes in her post, "The food movement is strong enough to make candidates for office stand up, listen and take food issues seriously." The forum was the result of 88 food advocacy groups coordinating their efforts. Nestle comments that this "... proved that food coalitions can have political power." Concluding the post, Nestle states "I can’t think of a better time for food advocacy groups to join forces and work collectively toward common food system goals." Here's to that! Join the 1,000+ in the audience plus an overflow crowd! Watch Marion and the candidates here. Vote with your time: Here are groups working on diverse food-related issues.

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