As counter-intuitive as it may seem, one result of how our our food system operates is that while one-half of the world battles obesity, the other half starves.

We'll comment about obesity here. In the next few days we'll add a post about hunger.

As stated in Eat Drink Vote, "The prevalence of obesity in the United States began to rise sharply starting in the early 1980s. Since then, our food environment has changed in ways that encourage eating in more places, with greater frequency, and in much larger portions. In part, these changes happened as a result of the increasingly frantic pace of modern life.' Continuing "But they also occurred as a result of changes in agricultural and investment policies that forced food companies to become more competitive."

So, when one looks at the food environment, one sees that individuals face well-organized and highly motivated interests that benefit when individuals eat larger portions ... more often .... in more places

Vote with your time: If this interest you, here is a group you may want to check-out.

And here is a list of other groups working on this issue and others.

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