People familiar with Eat Drink Vote may also be interested in a new book by Nick Freudenberg, the director of Hunter College's Food Policy Center. The book is Lethal But Legal: Corporations, Consumption and Public Health. In this book, Freudenberg explores how profits and public health are dealt with in a variety of industries including alcohol, cigarettes, guns, cars as well as food and beverages.

Marion Nestle provided a blurb for the book:
"Lethal But Legal is a superb, magnificently written, courageous, and thoroughly compelling exposé of how corporations selling cigarettes, guns, cars, drugs, booze, and food and beverages enrich themselves at the expense of public health. Even more important, Freudenberg tells us how we can organize to counter corporate power and achieve a healthier and more sustainable environment. This book should be required reading for anyone who cares about promoting health, protecting democratic institutions, and achieving a more equitable and just society."

So, Lethal But Legal reminds us that a food environment that is healthier for people and the planet is within our reach if we vote with our votes and with our forks.

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