In one way, this book started with an e-mail. It would be more accurate to say that this book has been years in the making.

Marion Nestle has been researching, studying and writing about issues related to food politics and nutrition since the 1970's. The Cartoonist Group has been working years to collect and archive cartoons that date back to the 1970's and earlier. The two efforts intersected when Nestle contacted the Cartoonist Group to inquire about licensing the above cartoon for her book Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics. As Nestle recounts in the Introduction to Eat Drink Vote, "When I contacted her (Sara Thaves of the Cartoonist Group) to ask about licenses and fees, Sara wondered whether whether I was the author of Food Politics. She had long wanted to showcase the food cartoons of artists in the group. Would I be interested? I most certainly would. I suspected that working with cartoonists would be tremendous fun, as indeed it was. Sara and I talked. We met. This book is the result."

So, in a nod to Steve Kelley's contribution to the introduction of Marion Nestle and the Cartoonist Group, we invite you to search and see more of his editorial cartoons here.

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