Hilary Price has been drawing and writing Rhymes With Orange, her daily newspaper comic strip, since 1995. It has won “Best Newspaper Panel” three times from the National Cartoonists Society. Her work has also appeared in Parade Magazine, The Funny Times, People and Glamour. When she began drawing Rhymes With Orange, she was the youngest woman to ever have a syndicated strip.

Eat Drink Vote contains ten Rhymes with Orange strips. We asked Price to provide a bit of background about one of them and she choose the strip above, which is found on page 42, in chapter four, “Why Food Production Matters.”

“I feel like that ad about belly fat stalks me all over the internet. What makes it worse is that it uses a cartoon-like drawing to get attention! What an evil way to subvert the power of cartooning: it is easier to read than it is to ignore it.”

So, in this way, Price not only notes that dieting is part of the human condition but she goes one step further to comment on cartooning.

When asked about her creative process, Price responded: “I start with the idea, then audition who the characters in the strip should be. I always go idea first, then characters, and words first, than pictures. The goal for the final combination of words and pictures is to show just enough information for the reader to get it, bit nothing more.

Rhymes with Orange is found online – and in 200 newspapers internationally. Her cartoons may be searched here.

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