Blog Begins With The Book’s Final Cartoon

One more cause to consider, one more group to support?!  Who has time for this?!

Unlike other causes or movements, this one is headquartered in your kitchen, at your dining room table. Each time you pay for food or take a bite, you contribute to the cause. The same is true each time you mark a ballot. If you eat, you are a card-carrying member of the food movement.

Eat Drink Vote outlines key factors that influence what food is available to you and provides ideas about how you may take action to encourage the food system to provide food choices that are good for you. Cartoons from leading cartoonists are included so as to take a more colorful approach, shall we say. So, here's to making decisions that are based on a broader understanding of how the food system works ... and to smiling in the process.

This caricature of Marion Nestle was done by Clay Bennett and is seen publicly for the first time here.  It is the last image in Eat Drink Vote.  We use it to start the book's blog and invite you to visit here often to see text and cartoons from the book, comments by cartoonists, announcements about events ... who knows!

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